Labels booklet printing

Picture Description:

Double bottom paper label. Specialty materials, surface material under the double bottom of paper, wherein the first layer of paper on the back end with a second layer of glue stick into one end of the paper. When cutting after printing surfaces, together with the first layer and cut through the end of paper together with waste discharge. Label application, together with the first layer of the surface material peeled off the backing paper and stick together to the goods. Peel off the label when needed again ( leaving the first layer of the backing paper ) affixed to the relevant articles.

The label booklet is most widely used in the Agricultural Chemical product market for the on-pack delivery of the extended Product Information/Instructional booklet information material.

They look great and are user friendly, with the function for the user to remove the booklet and top label for easy use and retaining the base label on the product to meet with legislative requirements.

Product Usage:
Agricultural Chemical Market
Point of Sale Promotions
Promotional Competitions & Giveaways
Menu & Cooking Ideas

Product Benefits:
From 4pp up to 32pp of content
Supplied on rolls for automatic application or easy manual application
Total of 2 on pack label applications
Suitable for low to high volume products
A label booklet is made up of three components:
The Top Label (printed mono or multi-colour)
The Booklet (saddle stitched)
The Base Label (printed mono or multi-colour)

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