Plastic Bag

PE plastic bag is not very transparent and is a little muddy. And it has good tenacity. Many materials of wristlets is made up of PE material, and the external packing of many products and large-scale plastic bags for industrial application are made of PE plastic bag. So PE plastic bag is widely used and the thinnest film thickness is 1 C or even thinner. The external packings of bottled water belong to that kind of bag.

PO plastic bag, which has better pulling force, higher hardness, lower transparency than other plastic bags. So it is widely used in mall and hotel business. Most of vest bags are made of PO material.

PVC plastic bag is softer and the film thickness is thicker. There is more manual component in the production of PVC plastic bag. But there is not automatic production line so the production of PVC bag is not as large as that of others. Some industries limit it because it is not environmental protection material.

PP plastic bag is transparent one in the film bags. And it is usually used for the external pecking pf production.

OPP plastic bag is hard and brittle. It is hard to pull it apart if there is not a indentation, but if there is, it will be very easy. It is processed by hot sealing machine. It is easy for the bag to open if the machine is not adjusted well or there is something wrong with the material. But it is good enough for the productions without special requirement. There are two methods to seal the bag. One is line cutting sealing, and the other is explosion proof edge cutting sealing. There is no difference between two methods during the process of producing, and what makes them different is the cutting from front and back. Generally speaking, the first step of the procedure of OPP plastic bag production is to cut it into proper norms. And the print those which need printing and fold the side of those which do not need printing. The use viscose and white iridescent film according to the requirement of customer. After a period of time, we can cut and seal it. Then dig holes according to the requirements of customer and pack it and deliver it. OPP plastic bag is wifely used for greeting card, decorations, leather product, clothes and so on.

The printing effect of plastic bag is achieved by the reasonable attachment of printing ink on the object to be printed. So the the physical and chemical state on the surface of plastic bag will influence the transferring of ink on the bag. Physical theories show that the object to be printed should have good printability and the tension force on the surface of object should be higher than that of the surface of ink. This is the theoretical basis of the activating and alligatoring before printing.

Non-Woven Bag

Non-woven bag is a kind of green product. It is strong and durable and it has beautiful model and good air permeability. It can be reused and washed and used for screen printing advertising and marks. It has long service period and is fit for any company and industry to advertise or present as a gift. Customers can have a beautiful bag when they do some shopping and the production is advertised, which makes the bag very popular in the market.

Products take non-woven bag as material and it is new environment protection material which has the characters of damp proofing, air permeability, flexibility, light weight, non-combustion-supporting, decomposability and non-toxicity. It has rich colors and low price. And it can be recycled. This material will be decomposed naturally after 90 days outdoors. The service life is 5 years indoors. There is no toxicity, smell or residues when it is burnt, and it never pollutes the environment. It is internationally accepted as the environment protecting production which protect the environment on earth.

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