Hardcover Book Printing

Hardcover Book Printing

Hardcover book printed on art paper (150gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm) plus lamination over 3mm Board, showing good effect. The size of hardcover book a5 (148mm × 210mm) and a4 (210mm × 297mm). Binding: Smyth sewn, case bound End pages usually with 120 gsm of white woodfree paper. Other paper, size, style, cover lamination, UV, hot stamping, and any printing services, please feel free contact us. Click here to get a free quote, we'll give you our best price.

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Inner Paper

Hardcover books are protected by hard covers (generally in cardboard, coated with fabric, thick paper or calfskin). Hardcover books are seamed with flexible spine so that books can keep on the table when unfolded. Hardcover books are mostly printed with acid-free paper and more durable than paperback books despite the higher cost.

Hardcover book is a delicate technology. Hardcover books are shaped and processed on the covers, spine and corners. There are various processing methods and forms. As for bookblock processing, there are round back, square back, square corner and round corner. As for cover processing, there are whole surface, junction, square and round corner, foil stamping and embossed, etc.

Hardcover book process

There is a machine-handmade hardcover book process in the procedures of bookblock, cover and combination.

Bookblock processing: semi-finished sheet → jog → cutting → tipping → end paper → assemble → sewing → semi-finished product examination → flatten → stack flatten → trimming → bundling → adhesive → drying → trimming → adhesive → rounding → backing -- adhesive → wetting → bookmark ribbon → head band → adhesive → back stripping → backing paper → adhesive → edge-square.

Cover processing: cover size → cutting → adhesive → shell → jacketing → flattening → natural drying → thermoprint.

Combination process: adhesive at center joint → jacketing → groove → pasting end → flattening and shaping → natural drying → finished product examination → jacket → logo.

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