• Paper - Paper and Papermaking 11-10-2013
    Many types materials can be printed. Plastic, glass and fabric are just some. However, by far the most important printed material is paper. Paper is needed for…Read More
  • Development and Growth 11-08-2013
    The origin of narrow-web flexography is usually placed in the period immediately after WW ll. At that time, Mark andrews Sr. (1904~1980), the founder of Mark An…Read More
  • Narrow-Web Flexo Presses 11-07-2013
    Narrow-web flexo has most recently been defined as any web width less than 20" (508mm). While this is an arbitrary designation, it will serve as a definition fo…Read More
  • Folding Carton Press 11-06-2013
    Folding cartons have been printed by flexo for many years, but it has only been in the past 10 years that the industry has started using state-of-the-art centra…Read More
  • In-Line Press 11-05-2013
    The in-line press is the third commonly used type of wide-web press. Its color stations are separate, complete units horizontally mounted one to the other, and…Read More
  • The Central Impression Press 11-04-2013
    The central impression press, sometimes called a drum, common impression or CI press, supports all of its color stations around a single steel impression cylind…Read More
  • The Stack Press 11-03-2013
    In the stack press (Figure 4-6), individual color stations (sometimes called sections or decks) are stacked one over the both sides of a main press frame. Each…Read More
  • Types of Gravure Folders 11-02-2013
    The U.S. population of gravure presses has undergone substantial expansion and rebuilding in recent years. Nonetheless, there are still many different folder co…Read More
  • Essential folding Terminology 11-01-2013
    Signatures. A complete sheet containing all the artwork for a cylinder is called a signature. By examining or taking apart a magazine or book, it is often possi…Read More
  • Other Gravure Presses 10-31-2013
    Sheetfed Gravure Although almost all gravure production is on web presses, sheetfed gravure presses still exist. Sheetfed gravure is used for proofing; for pri…Read More
  • Packaging Gravure Presses 10-30-2013
    Gravure packaging and product presses are divided into two distinct groups for light weight versus heavy weight substrates. Typical products for light weight su…Read More
  • Gravure Publication Presses 10-29-2013
    Publication presses are designed for high speed printing high quality color publications. Typical products include magazine, Sunday newspaper magazines, catalog…Read More
  • Typical Press Configurations 10-28-2013
    Every gravure press is a custom-buit machine, designed and engineered for a specific range of products. A packaging press producing 26-inch-wide labels is ident…Read More
  • Generic gravure printing unit 10-26-2013
    All web-fed gravure presses start from an unwinder, which serves the purpose of unwinding a roll of substrate, deeping, keeping adequate tension on the web.The…Read More
  • Densitometric Color and Image Analysis 10-25-2013
    Solid ink film measurement. To maintain image quality during the pressrun, the operator is concerned with the ink film thickness being printed on the paper. Whe…Read More
  • Densitometry - Offset Print Quality Control 10-23-2013
    Densitometry, colorimetry, and spectrophotometry are the three methods used to measure color in the graphic arts. The densitometer measures optical density. It…Read More
  • Dampening Solution Ingredients 10-22-2013
    Dampening solutions are usually sold as concentrated solutions that are diluted with water to the proper concentration. In concentrated from, it is commonly ref…Read More
  • Basic Functions of Dampening Solution 10-21-2013
    The primary function of solution is to desensitize the nonimage areas of the printing plate to ink. A surface that is "desensitized to ink" is a surface that in…Read More
  • Ink Film Thickness 10-20-2013
    The thickness of the ink film on the rollers is a very important consideration in printing. Typical ink film thickness on a lithographic press is 0.2~0.4 mils (…Read More
  • Design Principles of Inking Systems 10-19-2013
    A few important design principles are built into the inking system. Each of these helps to optimize the efficiency of the inking system for depositing an even f…Read More
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