• Notes for brochure printing - zxprinted 06-24-2014
    Brochure now has become a necessary book or periodical in all companies. Brochure can effectively promote company products or image. A company of favorable ima…Read More
  • Extended Content Labels, Booklet label printing knowledge 06-13-2014
    Extended Content Labels printing knowledgeChoose perforated style Extended Content Labels (ECL) when complete Removal of the label from the product is requiredO…Read More
  • Booklet label printing, Multi - folded label printing 06-06-2014
    Advanced Labels produces the most affordable, cost effective multi folded labels / booklet labels in the printing industry. Our Extended Content Booklet Labels…Read More
  • Relief or Letterpress Printing 03-17-2014
    When ink is applied to a raised surface and paper is pressed against the inked surface, the ink is transferred to paper, Figure 1-18. Relief and letterpress are…Read More
  • Booklet label printing Knowledge 03-14-2014
    A booklet label is one type of promotional label used for ‘added content’ labeling. These are used to add extra information to a label without incre…Read More
  • Varnishing, Flocking, Laminating, Numbering, Stamping - Finishing Printed Materials 03-13-2014
    VARNISHINGAfter an image has been transferred to a substrate, it is sometimes coated or varnished. The coating becomes a clear protective surface. Usually, the…Read More
  • Binding Printed Materials 03-10-2014
    Sheets of paper may be bound together in several different ways. The most common methods include: saddle-wire, side-wire, sewn soft-over, sewn case-bound, adhes…Read More
  • Finishing Printed Materials 03-06-2014
    Finishing refers to several operations that may be performed on printed material after it has left the press. The most common finishing operations are cutting,…Read More
  • Book Covers And Cover Design 02-27-2014
    Self CoversSelf-covers are produced from the same material as the body of the book and generally carry part of the message of the piece. Newspaper and some news…Read More
  • Lithographic Ink Problems 02-19-2014
    The most aggravating problems in lithography are often interaction problems, which arise when there is more than one deficiency among the paper, ink, press, and…Read More
  • Selecting the Right Ink For the Job 02-17-2014
    Each printing process requires the use of an ink developed specifically for that process. Letterpress, gravure, lithographic, and screen-process inks are specia…Read More
  • Color Matching - Ink Manufacturing 02-14-2014
    Many times, a customer requests a specific color other than black, cyan, yellow, or magenta on the ink required, the printer either orders the specific color fr…Read More
  • Ink Manufacture 12-22-2013
    Ink manufacturing (Figure 5-10) is complex and requires extensive chemical and printing process knowledge as well as specialized ink manufacturing equipment us…Read More
  • Printing Ink 12-19-2013
    Ink is transferred from a plate or stencil to paper or some other material during the printing process. The ink forms the image on the printed product.Most prin…Read More
  • Paper Handling 12-13-2013
    Not only must paper be handled carefully during shipment but it must able be handled carefully in the plant.Paper must be brought to pressroom temperature befor…Read More
  • Papers 11-27-2013
    Some papers are very adaptable to several applications, while others others are very limited. The next section will briefly discuss the types of paper that are…Read More
  • Kinds, Sizes, And Weights Of Paper 11-22-2013
    Some of the most common printing papers are bond, book, cover, bristol, newsprint, duplicator,
    and mimeograph. User for each of these kinds of paper and inform…Read More
  • Paper Manufacture 11-14-2013
    There are two fundamental steps in papermaking. First, the fibrous raw material, or cellulose, from pulpwood, nonwood fibers, or recycled papers is converted in…Read More
  • Paper Composition 11-12-2013
    Cellulose fiber. The principal raw material for producing paper is cellulose fibers, which are short, threadlike structures. Cellulose fiber is the basic buildi…Read More
  • Making Paper By Hand 11-11-2013
    Making paper by hand is an excellent way to become familiar with the basic procedures of papermaking. Extensive equipment and materials are not required.Equipme…Read More
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