Multi-layer labels printing

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Multi-layer labels are a great way to include more information on your product. Multi-layer labels peel back cleanly with no adhesive residue, and can be re-sealed. The top layer peels to a "pinch point" - meaning the top layer can't be removed.

Multi-layer labels are ideal for pharmaceutical labels and medical labels when regulations require product information to remain intact with the product.
Multi-layer labels are a great way to add recipes on food labels, promote sweepstakes & giveaways, offer detailed instructions, give multilingual information, and introduce new products, coupons, and legal text. Don’t pay much high price for local printing, professional China label printing
manufacturer can provide you top quality with much more lower price.

Customize your Booklet Labels share a lot of information in a small space.
If you are running short of copy space an expanded content label is the way to go. Its uses are limited only to your imagination.

• We can made stickers for your fully custom-made, such as color, paper, and other process requirements can be customized.
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