Various Segments of The Graphic Communications Industry

Posted on 08-22-2014 by ZX

The graphic communications industry can be divided into segments or classifications. A few of the segments are: commercial printing, periodical printing, newspaper printing, book publishing and printing, in-plant printing, and forms printing.

Commercial printing  The commercial printer is a printer for hire and has a very complex product variety. Typical products produced by this plant would revolve around job printing (flyer, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, etc.), advertising printing (events, products, etc.), and annual reports (financial statements of large companies). One printing process, offset lithography, appears to stand out in the commercial printing segment.

Periodical printing  Periodical printing consists of those establishments that print magazines. Publishers of periodicals are found in nearly every state of the United States. It appears that a shift to gravure is taking place in periodical production.

Newspaper printing  Newspaper printing provides news and advertising to various markets. The computer is very evident in today's facility. Satellite transmission makes it possible to have newspapers with national information on a daily basis.

Book publishing and printing  Book publishing and printing provides many types of books found in bookstores, drugstores, and general store displays. A large variety of subjects are found in textbooks.

Most of the printing facilities use large web presses. As you will learn, the book publishing industry is witnessing great changes in copy and pictorial handling hardware.

In-plant printing  The in-plant printing segment of the industry is commonly found as a printing facility that is located as a part of a nonprinting industry. Most large companies have their own in-plant printing facility.

Forms printing  Forms printers design and print special forms used in business. The types of forms might include those for acquisition (obtaining), manipulation (changing), routing (moving), and recording (storing) of data or information. The "paperless" technologies (computers, microfilm, etc.) are altering the needs in some businesses.

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